The Alustil® Experience

The Alustil Experience

The Alustil Experience
The Alustil Experience

Planning it for you

The process always begins with a consultation. So, let’s get together, your place or ours.

Our first meet up will be a more of a ‘get to know you’, helping us understand your needs, expectations, desires and taste. This is a free service, and is used to establish the style and ideas of what you want and dreamt about.

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Designing it for you

After getting the whole idea, this is where we put your dreams into reality.

Your space will be measured; materials and finishes will be determined; and then a design layout is created to visualise before the actual. The design layout is created in accordance to all the elements discussed.

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Managing it for you

Our project management service helps you to supervise the schedule and control the roll out work.

Our onsite experience and organisational skills creates a stress free atmosphere providing you with a single point of contact, progress updates and problem solving solutions.



Installing it for you

Installing is the magical part the project, where all the planning, designs, desires and dreams come together.

Servicing it for you

Delivering your dreams and turning them reality, is not the end of our relationship with you.

Our 1st class customer service department will be more than happy to assist you in whatever way they can, and striving improve along the way.