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Crossover with Chris Bosse

Timeless kitchen with a twist.

The iconic yet modest design and refined details of Timeless emits an everlasting charm. A clean, modern look is punctuated by vertical lines, reminiscent of water streaming down a window. These vertical lines add distinctive contrast to the one continuous plane of kitchen elements – cabinetry and appliances.

Pops of colour add customisation – featuring Lava Green, a signature in most of Chris Bosse’s design while the geometrical accent light and shade creates a unique focal point. Mirrored splashbacks, coloured edges, concealed doors, and worktops set a new benchmark for kitchen elegance.

Carcase \ Huracan System
Carcase Finishing \ Powder Coated
Surface Panel \ Compact Panel
Worktop \ Compact Panel
Handle \ A 01F & A 01M
Drawer System & Hinges \ Blum (Austria) Series

Design Inspirations

Vertical lines – inspired by water streaming down a window

Timeless in elegance, this is a kitchen that entails a touch of nature with a twist. The distinctive vertical lines are design expressions inspired by water streaming down a window. These vertical lines are curated into this timeless piece through the combination of shelving, handle design, pops of colours, surface engraving and light design – putting together a new standard for aluminium kitchen.

The kitchen opens up more eating, prepping, cooking and entertaining space than imaginable with the kitchen island in the foreground, while showcasing a clean, modern wall of cabinetry with minimalistic pantry, enclosed storage and open shelving in the background.


Towering Shelving

Vertical gallery – openly showcases any collection on display

The towering shelving at one end of the kitchen island sculpts a vertical gallery that openly showcases any collection on display. The shelving of steel and glass structurally beamed up the features of the island.

Open Glass Shelving

Flawless cabinet interior – a breakthrough for aluminium open shelving

The open glass shelving creates a sense of space and offers a wealth of display possibilities. Illuminated with recessed integrated lighting, the shelving gleams and add finesse to the kitchen.

The interior of this open shelf is Alustil’s significant step forward towards innovation and aesthetics. Flawless cabinet interior, a breakthrough for aluminium open shelving.

The Cloud

A stunning centrepiece – creates warmth & ambience throughout the kitchen

Day or night, the geometrical accent light and shade makes a stunning centrepiece, creating warmth and ambience throughout the kitchen. Initially designed by Bosse for his residence in Sydney, this is an acrylic version made by Alustil. The acrylic ribs shaped the light into a cloud.

Kitchen Island

Space of possibilities – opens up to eating, prepping, cooking, entertaining & more

Both modern and functional, the kitchen island opens up more eating, prepping, cooking, and entertaining space imaginable. Its one-piece wood textured worktop gives a touch of warmth, and the detailing of the engraved line brings unity to the overall design.

Drawer Handles

Pulls out gorgeously – ergonomically designed inward bevelled edge

The grey drawer set pulls out gorgeously with Alustil’s new line of handles with inward bevelled edge for fingers to pull open, smoothly, and they appear hidden when closed. The space created by this handle design appears as recessed gaps between cabinet doors, and it is just the right handle to provide the gapping design intended by Bosse.

The vertical thin lines engraved on the compact surfaces of cabinet doors and worktop are Bosse’s expression of water streaming down a window, a unified design element throughout the kitchen. The lines are engraved with precision, a newly developed surface detailing technique by Alustil.

Behind the design.

Chris Bosse, has the aptitude in translating nature into architecture and design. His works are most often, inspired by humankind, nature and technology – prominently known for his multiple award-winning work on the Watercube, National Aquatic Centre in Beijing.

An architect notable for large-scale and ambitious projects across Asia and the Middle East, he had recently forged into smaller-scale design projects when he started renovating the interior of his residence and chanced his way into designing kitchens for Alustil.

Adapting his architectural practice into kitchen designing, Bosse’s kitchen design for Alustil marks a breakthrough for Alustil’s journey towards innovation, concept and design.

Chris Bosse

International Award Designer

  • 2004 Atmosphere Award, Venice Biennale of Architecture
  • 2008 AR Emerging Architect Award
  • 2008 Emerging Architect Award, RIBA London
  • 2009 AAFAB Architectural Association London
  • 2010-2016 Sydney Architecture Prize
  • 2016 European Prize for Architecture

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Green Climate Fund Bonn

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Affirmation of Excellence

We are delighted and humbly proud to announce that Alustil’s Timeless Kitchen is among the winners of the A’Design Awards & Competition 2021! TIMELESS kitchen has won the Golden Design Award in the 2021 Kitchen Furniture, Equipment and Fixtures Design Award Category.

Winning an award from one of the most renowned and prestigious design competition globally is a great affirmation to the standard of our Alustil brand. This award means so much to us at Alustil, as we dedicate ourselves to developing solutions to elevate every ordinary kitchen space into a masterpiece.

A special thanks to our TIMELESS Kitchen designer, Chris Bosse, Alustil team and everyone involved to make this award possible.

View result at Gold A’Design Award here.

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